Cutters and Pliers

A large selection of the jewelry that you shall end up making will require thin metal wires that can be used to hold beads and other gems. Therefore you shall definitely need a set of wire cutters. There are various kinds of wire cutters that are available in the market. At the very minimum level you will need to invest in a heavy wire cutter and a lighter cutter. The heavy cutter can be used to...


Other jewelry making tools

In most cases when you are designing or creating jewelry you will need the supplies along with cutters and pliers. Along with the supplies thee tools are adequate to create a large number of designs. However, there are a large number of other tools that are used in making various other kinds of jewelry designs as well. Here are some of the tools that you may also want to invest in. The wire jewe...


Jewelry making supplies

While the tools are an essential part of jewelry making, the supplies that you choose to purchase and the combination of products that you create is extremely important. It merits mentioning beads as the first supply that you want to have in your jewelry making toolkit since it is the most commonly used supply. However, there are a large number of varieties that you shall be able to find in the...


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