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While most people start with jewelry making and limit themselves to beadwork and making basic bracelets and necklaces, there are others who take a step into the more complicated world of jewelry making in order to create jewelry that will wow other people. However, doing this is something that takes time and patience and you may not be able to create the neatest of designs to start with.

However, there is no doubt that if you keep at this hobby you may find that gifting and even selling your creations becomes an option as you move forward. At the same time as you get deeper into this hobby you will have a higher number of queries with regards to the various techniques used, the manner in which you can create different kinds of designs and the ways by which you can use material other than just plain simple beads that are so common.

How should I choose the right wire for the right project when making jewelry?

In most cases, the choice of wire size and thickness depends on the person who is creating the jewelry. However, there are some guidelines that can help you decide the thickness of the wire that you select for your project. Jewelry wire is available in three basic levels of hardness. There is the dead soft wire, half hard wire and the full hard wire that you will find yourself working with. The...


What type of soldering torch should I use when making jewelry?

A large number of sculpted jewelry requires you to use a soldering torch. Obviously the kind of soldering torch that you can use for jewelry making is extremely different from the one that your father or brother may have in your tool box. For jewelry making, it is recommended that you use a flame torch and not a soldering iron in order to get the result that you are looking for. Soldering irons...


How can I make a wire chain?

A wire chain can be made simply by cutting and turning the wires in the right manner. While it is not a tough task to accomplish especially since there is no soldering involved, it does require you to be able to create wire rings of the same size if you are looking for neatness and consistency in your work. You can take your choice of wire in terms of thickness, a dowel, wire cutters, chain nose...


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