How should I choose the right wire for the right project when making jewelry?

In most cases, the choice of wire size and thickness depends on the person who is creating the jewelry. However, there are some guidelines that can help you decide the thickness of the wire that you select for your project.

Jewelry wire is available in three basic levels of hardness. There is the dead soft wire, half hard wire and the full hard wire that you will find yourself working with. The dead soft wire can be bent by hand since it is extremely soft and pliable. This is the kind that you can use for sculpted jewelry. The half hard wire is generally pulled in through a draw plate and the full hard wire is pulled through more number of times to make it harder.

The wires that you will find in the market are also available in different shapes. While round is the most common design, there are half rounds, squares and wrapped wires too. And then there is also the thickness of the wire that you have to keep in mind. The thickness is generally dictated by the elements of the other supplies that you have so that you do not have a situation where your beads do not fit in.

Some people prefer to use the hard wire even though it is relatively more difficult to work with because it secures the gems and beads in a sturdier manner. This is definitely an option that you should consider if you are using precious or semi-precious stones that cost you a fortune.



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