How to make a simple pearl beaded bracelet

If you are new at trying your hand at jewelry making the best thing to start with is a bracelet. This is because it does not require a large number of supplies or tools to create. It is also a great thing to start with because it boosts your confidence and allows you to forge ahead with this new interest of yours.

The material that you will need to make a beaded pearl bracelet include about 8 to 10 inches of Stretch Magic (this is the comfortable elastic band on which your bracelet can sit without being too loose or too tight on your hand), approximately 30 pearls, scissors and glue. The actual numbers of pearls that you end up using along with the cord depend on the circumference of the wrist and the size of the pearls. You can decide on the length of the cord that you will string based on the circumference of a regular bracelet that you wear. Make sure that the cord that you take is about an inch smaller so that the elastic sits well.

Add a bit of tape at the end of the cord in order to prevent the pearls from slipping out. If you are making the bracelet for yourself, all that you need to do is to check the size and the length as you string the pearls in the cord. Once you have achieved the size that you want by stringing the pearls, you will need to tie the cord tightly. Cut the cord in such a manner that there is a small piece of cord sticking out. Add glue to the knot and push the pieces that are sticking out into the knot. Make sure that there is no part of the cord sticking out to make it look ugly.



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