How can I make a wire chain?

A wire chain can be made simply by cutting and turning the wires in the right manner. While it is not a tough task to accomplish especially since there is no soldering involved, it does require you to be able to create wire rings of the same size if you are looking for neatness and consistency in your work.

You can take your choice of wire in terms of thickness, a dowel, wire cutters, chain nose pliers and jewelry files. First you will need to wrap the wire around the dowel and pull the coiled wire off the dowel. Then go ahead and cut off the wire coils by skipping the first half of the coil, allowing for three turns and cutting midway in the fourth turn. Continue making these rings till you have enough for the length that you require. Then connect the rings by attaching one horizontally and one vertically. The connection can be made using the ringed wires. You will need to ensure that the coil covers at least two spirals. Add another set to the other size this time alternating the position.

Continue this process till you have all the pieces connected and secured. Some of the ends of the pieces will stick out and these can pinch the wearer I various places. Make sure that you tuck these in by using pliers. It may also help to file the wire ends.

When you have connected all the pieces, you can connect the last piece with the first one to form a ring.



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