How to make a simple pearl beaded bracelet

If you are new at trying your hand at jewelry making the best thing to start with is a bracelet. This is because it does not require a large number of supplies or tools to create. It is also a great thing to start with because it boosts your confidence and allows you to forge ahead with this new interest of yours. The material that you will need to make a beaded pearl bracelet include about 8 to...


Making pearl danglers

Pearl is something that goes well with a lot of dresses. It can be worn on a day out with friends and it can even be coupled with a classy dress for an evening. Wearing spots or studs is great if you have short air but these are likely to get lost if you have long hair and have let it down for the evening. Making a couple of nice pearl danglers should do the trick for your pearl jewelry requirem...


Floating necklace for everyday use

Using some colorful beads on a long stiff metal wire can help you create a beautiful necklace design that you can wear with your summery dress. Decide on the color of the beads based on the color that dominates your wardrobe. All that you need to create this beauty include 2 teardrop crystal beads of your favorite color, 2 Czech crystal beads, a couple of freshwater pearls, a flower lampwork bea...


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