Cutters and Pliers

A large selection of the jewelry that you shall end up making will require thin metal wires that can be used to hold beads and other gems. Therefore you shall definitely need a set of wire cutters. There are various kinds of wire cutters that are available in the market. At the very minimum level you will need to invest in a heavy wire cutter and a lighter cutter.

The heavy cutter can be used to cut wires when you are starting on your project and are removing the required lengths from the wire roll. On the other hand, there will be times when you will have to remove or cut wires from an almost finished piece of jewelry. At this time you may want to use the lighter cutters in order to prevent the jewelry piece from getting spoilt or bent.

At other times you will need to bend your wires at time. This is something that is required when you are creating different designs. Here again there are various kinds of pliers that are available for jewelry making. The round nose plier is has two prongs that are fairly blunt and can be used to bend wires easily. The flat nosed pliers are generally used to open up some parts of the jewelry and also to add on clasps to the rings. These can also be used to squeeze the clasps on to necklaces or bracelets. In addition to these pliers there is the crimp plier that can be used to create a crimp in the wire to place a crimp cover.



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