Other jewelry making tools

In most cases when you are designing or creating jewelry you will need the supplies along with cutters and pliers. Along with the supplies thee tools are adequate to create a large number of designs. However, there are a large number of other tools that are used in making various other kinds of jewelry designs as well. Here are some of the tools that you may also want to invest in.

The wire jewelry file is an essential thing to have in your toolkit if you do not want to get hurt in the process of making your jewelry. In addition to that it can help in keeping you safe from any pricks when you are wearing your own handmade jewelry. It is a great thing to file off the ends of the wire when you cut it off with the wire cutter in order to ensure blunt ends.

The jewelry maker hammer and anvil can help you in flattening any wire, clay, bead or clasp that you may want to modify before using. There are various kinds of hammers that you can choose from depending on the kind of jewelry that you are interested in.

Since beads are one of the most common supplies used in jewelry making you may also want to invest in your very own bead maker. There are some bead-makers that can help you make round, oval and square beads too. With the bead maker all you need is a poly tube that you can decorate and a shape cutter to decide the exact shape that you want to give your beads.



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